Jason Lo

CEO of Tune Talk

Jason Lo

CEO of Tune Talk


When Jason Lo first helmed the controls of Tune Talk as CEO, it was his first foray into the telecommunications industry. He went through a steep learning curve in order to quickly understand how the telco business worked. In his own words: “Thank God for Wikipedia!” The first thing he realized is that many telco subscribers were not getting realistic rates. The public in general had effectively been fooled by a climate of confusion based on various pricing models and plans from incumbent players within the industry. Lo knows that he needed to make a change.

Under his stewardship, Tune Talk rolled out its commercial services on 19 August 2009, featuring the lowest flat calling rates and never-seen-before incentives. Having the underserved segment in mind, Lo and his team set out to offer a hi value voice, data and short messaging service (SMS) package that meets the consumers’ demand for a simple, value-for-money product with easy accessibility and widest distribution reach. Lo’s vision to offer a high value proposition to consumers, above and beyond what they had experienced from other telcos had a significant impact in that within one year Tune Talk established itself as the largest MVNO in Asia by number of subscribers. It was indeed difficult to establish and sustain a new brand, especially in a highly saturated market, however Lo began to see shifts of allegiance from consumers towards Tune Talk’s services and products.

Despite all the challenges, the company persevered and under his direction, went on to become the country’s fastest growing mobile prepaid service provider. After 5 years, Tune Talk right now has 1.5 million subscribers and the number is growing day by day. Works are underway to enter into MVNO deals with network operators from many of the Asean countries that will enable Tune Talk to deliver a better roaming proposition. The aim is to be the definitive Asean sim card. One number, multiple countries and multiple top-up points. Currently Tune Talk has succeeded in offering the most affordable data packages on the market and strives to maintain it that way. Lo always stresses on focusing on the psychographics of the subscribers instead of the demographics. He is very keen on the importance of customer care service and customer experience where it is vital to have a personal relationship with the subscribers. Tune Talk is leading the pack when it comes to its customer care service, customer experience and also social network engagement. Lo himself is a personal customer care agent where everyone can reach him through his account on twitter. The personal touch is what makes Tune Talk different from other companies. A young and internal customer care department ensures that Tune Talk gets immediate feedback from the subscribers. Through Lo’s vision of the importance of customer care service and customer experience, Tune Talk can reach out to our customers and potential customers personally who will always appreciate the personal relationship created and Tune Talk has a very healthy engagement on all its social media accounts.

Lo is instrumental in ensuring the Tune Talk brand stays fresh and relevant, making it attractive to the youth segment— the company’s core target market. Using his vast experience in the arts and championing the local independent music scene, Lo uses entertainment as a major vehicle to stay in touch with the youth market and effectively project the Tune Talk brand in a fun and energetic way. The Tune Talk brand is now synonymous with the youth movement, via Lo’s persistence for the company to be active in concert and movie promotions. Due to Lo’s deep passion for sports, Tune Talk has further explored the area of sports marketing by partnering the One Fighting Championship. To further leverage on the popularity of the sport as well as to build and develop its interest among Malaysians, Tune Talk has ventured further by organising its own mixed martial art tournament for amateur fighters called MIMMA (Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Art). With Lo’s guidance, Tune Talk had garnered significant recognitions in just a short 3 years of being in the market. In 2010, Tune Talk bagged The Brand Laureate’s ‘Best Brand – Product Branding’ at The Brand Laureate-SMEs Chapter Awards 2010.

In 2011, the company won the Frost & Sullivan’s Malaysia Excellence Award as the ‘Most Promising Service Provider of the Year’. In the same year, Lo garnered his personal decoration, ‘The Most Promising Entrepreneurship’ award for ‘Outstanding & Exemplary Achievements in Entrepreneurship’ at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) 2011.

Born in Kuching, Sarawak, Jason Lo is of Chinese-Irish parentage. Educated in Singapore and the United Kingdom, he achieved a degree in Accounting from the University of Hull (UK) and a Masters in Business Administration from Webster University (USA).

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